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CDN/ Video Platform

Online earning has great potential and internet sales just keep rising by the day. In order to stay at the top, you need innovative ideas, reliable sources and a concrete plan. Mobiwalkers combines these resources under one roof to offer solutions which are user friendly, accurate and highly beneficial to its users. We have put together a number of solutions which help you earn more working smart. We connect with the top video sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion to help users establish successful channels and increase hits. All these channels are closely monitored via Mobiwalkers and we ensure accurate results.

Digital video content is similar to affiliate marketing, but with a difference. Here, one doesn’t need written content, a blog or a website to begin earning. All you need is the Mobiwalkers digital video content solution and a free video channel. We help you optimize and analyze this channel which increases your estimated earnings. You can choose to share, upload or create your own videos and upload them to your channel.  The integration is simple and its user friendly platform helps you establish a successful channel in no time.  The Mobiwalker ranker indicates how many users have viewed the uploaded videos and your earnings are estimated based on the ranking of your channel. Mobiwalkers also helps in promoting your channel and making it successful. » View Pricing Plan

ISP - Internet Service Provider

Time is money and when you work online you need a super fast internet connection which helps you save time. Mobiwalkers helps in providing seamless, hassle free internet services using FTTH solutions. With FTTH one need not worry about configurations and manual set ups which are daunting and keep going for a toss.  The system has auto configured routers which connect to our computer and help you work smoothly. Mobiwalkers also allows customers to make easy payments online, increase their speed or change plans and demand for a higher download speed when required.

The internet connections also come with a plug and play WIFI solution which allows you to freely use the internet without having to connect any wires. FTTH is a new age revolution to the internet world and Mobiwalkers ensures this service is provided to you in the most effective manner minus the configuration complexities and set up issues. We also provide free antivirus solutions to keep your browsing experience safe and secure.  The plans Mobiwalkers offers are flexible and you can choose to upgrade or degrade the plan at any given point in time. You also have the luxury of demanding high speed on demand when you need it most and stop it when you don’t require it. » View Pricing Plan

Data Center

Online marketing and online businesses always require strong hosting services. Mobilwakers understands the need for reliable, pocket friendly hosting solutions. Our hosting solutions are easy to use and all the servers are under one data center which is specialized to ensure the hosing is never interrupted. There are a number of hosting services Mobiwalkers has to offer in order to help clients with web hosting, email hosting, file hosting and image and video hosting. Mobiwalkers also caters to shared web hosting, semi dedicated hosting and dedicated hosting solutions to help you plan your perfect hosting experience.

Mobiwalkers understands the need for reliable hosting solutions which function smoothly 365 days a year. We have multiple hosting solutions which help you host all your required data on our servers without having to dance on pins anymore. The plans we offer are streamlined and you can choose which one suit you best. You don’t need to worry about losing your data or files when stored on a secure platform like Mobiwalkers anymore. » View Pricing Plan

Online Marketing

To hit the success button with online promotions you need the right marketing tools, expert advice and honest upfront solutions. Email marketing and lead generation is one of the most effective methods of online promotions if it’s done in the right manner. Mobiwalkers offers highly affordable email marketing solutions with highest inbox delivery rates and click rates. While email marketing helps you increase your SEO ranking, lead generation helps increase sales. Mobiwalkers brings you these solutions in simple packages to deliver cost effective solutions that yield the best results.

SEO is only as effective as its reach and email marketing in the right manner helps you reach a huge target audience in a short span of time. This is one of the oldest, most used methods of promotion and still stands strong. If you’re looking to increase the likes, visitors or followers on SMA’s, getting higher traffic to your site and ranking high on search engines, then email marketing is your answer. Lead generation works on similar lines, where customers pay only for the leads Mobiwalkers generates. Both these solutions are tried, tested and given a “thumbs up” by the experts in the industry. So why wait for your potential customers to come to you when you know how to reach them in a jiffy. » View Pricing Plan